Ranking The Ten Best Triple Crown Horse Trainers Of All Time

Like the main characters in the movie, horses are the leading superstars that make a horse racing tournament intense. They undergo a series of rigid training to become powerful, vigorous, and healthy. Aside from that, they should develop a speed variation to help them connect with their jockey to reach the finish line successfully.

While it’s true that horses need to display an optimum strength inside the race track, their skills won’t get developed without the trainers. They play the biggest role in handicapping horses. They attend many Maiden Special Weight and Allowance Claiming races that help them scout the best-thoroughbred colts.

One of the world’s most notable horse racing, the Kentucky Derby is about to kick off in less than a week. You’ll see another batch of mighty colts trained by the most skilled trainers in the horse racing department in this event. Before we head on to the formal Roses run, let’s first know the best Derby and Triple Crown winners of all time and your hopes to form the TVG Kentucky Derby betting guide.

Ben And Jimmy Jones

The father and son tandem had their best Triple Crown year in 1948. They are both Hall of Fame racehorse trainers who handicap many colts in the past. In 1944, Ben was close enough to win another Triple Crown but was upset during the Belmont Stakes losing with a half-length. But, their Kentucky Derby streak has reached six wins, which was already significant.

Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons

The Hall of Fame plaque is a well-deserved award for “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons after sending two Triple Crown titleholders, including Omaha, in 1935 and Gallant Fox in 1930. Aside from that, he was also able to train six Belmont Stakes finishers and bred Horse of the Year in the Preakness and Kentucky Derby.

Bob Baffert

Recorded five Derby victories and seven Preakness trophies, Bob Baffert is probably one of the most awarded racehorse trainers in history. This Hall of Famer horse trainer has been active in handicapping the toughest colts today. In the upcoming Derby, he has two entries and hopes that both of them can place significantly.

Max Hirsch

Max Hirsch might be unfortunate enough not to produce a father and son Triple Crown heroes, but his achievements in the Triple Crown race is undisputed. Before suffering from an injury, Hirsch has produced double Preakness and Kentucky Derby winners in 1936. Not only that, but his biggest achievement was also sending Bold Venture in 1950 as a Belmont and Derby hero in the Triple Crown race.

Lucien Laurin

No horse has broken Secretariat’s record of being the fastest horse to finish the race until today. He won the Horse of the Year award in 1973, aside from the Triple Crown. Lucien Laurin was the man behind this horse’s success. Apart from Secretariat, he also trained Riva Ridge, who won the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby in 1972.

Laz Barrera

Laz Barrera was indeed a man with impressive horsemanship after training Affirmed, a 1978 Triple Crown superstar. Compared to other racehorse trainers, Laz Barrera can keep the horse stamina in an exalted level allowing them to emerge as winners upon stepping at the finish line. He started his Triple Crown quest in 1976 and won the Derby and Belmont eight away.

Billy Turner

After sending Seattle Slew in the Triple Crown race in 1977, Billy Turner was an instrumental trainer, where he won the title. This horse showed a blistering speed during the three jewels sweeping all the races. After that, Seattle Slew dazzled in the Grade 1 Swaps but failed to maintain his stamina, where he suffered a great loss.

H.G. Bedwell

H.G. Bedwell received his Hall of Fame award after accomplishing seven wins within six years. Apart from that, Sir Barton was his horse who won the Triple Crown in 1919, where he served as an inspiration to many horse racing enthusiasts today. Amidst of a foot injury that Sir Barton suffered, Bedwell managed to let him shine in all Triple Crown jewels.

George Conway

In 1937, War Admiral won the Horse of the Year and Triple Crown title. George Conway was responsible for making this horse as the 4th Triple Crown titleholder. On the other hand, he had his first accomplishment in 1926 after Crusader won the Belmont Stakes.

Don Cameron

Don Cameron had to overcome many challenges before sending a Triple Crown superstar in 1943, Count Fleet. He had to train him though this horse has displayed many problems, especially when it comes to speed control. Cameron didn’t disappoint sweeping the three jewels undoubtedly.


Racehorse trainers had important shoes to fill, making a horse successful in a horse racing tournament. They not only hone the horse’s speed, but they make sure that these colts are consistently winning, especially in the Triple Crown races. Hence, real superstars in horse racing are not only the colts and the fillies, but also the trainers.

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